About Us

Urban Family Ministries exists to strengthen families and change lives by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the urban core of Grand Rapids through relational, spiritual, and economic empowerment.  We desire to build personal relationships with our neighbors; to walk along side "life" with them.  This provides us many opportunities to be the presence of Jesus Christ and to share His life-transforming hope, love and power.

Through an organizational and funding network that includes churches, businesses, and individuals, Urban Family Ministries has been able to provide "hands on" ministry, physically serving families in the urban core of Grand Rapids.  We reach not only children and youth, but families as a whole, with our weekly Super Saturday event, one-to-one relationship building, and mentoring programs. These are all tools Urban Family Ministries uses to show the love of Jesus in a real and practical way.

Urban Family Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.