UFM Staff

Urban Family Ministries is blessed with a dedicated and closely-knit staff.  Also, there are over 200 volunteers that support the ministries of Urban Family Ministries.

Stacy Hunter -- Acting Manager

Noelle Gable
-- Programming Director

Noelle supervises all programs and does outreach to families and churches.

Noelle has a degree in Physical Education and Recreation from Central Michigan University.

Noelle has worked as a program director for a Christian camp, been in the business field, activity departments, an industrial tool company, and at the office at Cornerstone University.

Noelle’s story with UFM started when she first moved to Grand Rapids, “I got plugged in within the first week.” She said it only took a few months before she knew this was the place that God had created her for. Noelle has been here for 18 years and “can’t imagine life without the relationships I’ve built through UFM.”

Noelle says that the biggest impact UFM has had on her is “it has given me the opportunity to become a mom to some of the most talented kids around. I can also say it’s the hardest and best job you could ever have. My faith has grown to trust God thru the bad times and praise more in the good.”

Dan Anderson - Transportation Director

Elijah Libbett - Men's MInistry and Community Liason


The task of reaching the children and families of the inner-city for Jesus is too big for only a handful of people. That's why God gave us each other. Many faithful partners work with us to see the Lord's mission at Urban Family Ministries come to reality.  Won't you join us?