Summer Camp Sponsorship

Welcome to the camp season!!  We are excited to once again provide our urban youth with opportunities to escape the city and be surrounded by God’s creation.  As I was contemplating our camp program this spring, I was asking myself, “How do we know this program is successful?”  That is always a loaded question as it is difficult to evaluate a heart that has been moved.  As I continued to mull things over, I realized we have a few things to share about our success. 

  • One of our teenagers, Ethan, has been attending camp for many years through Urban Family Ministries.  Last summer, after attending a week-long camp, Ethan was asked by the staff to return and volunteer. 
  • Another camper, Patience, has been attending camp several years too and has attended a leadership training course at one camp.  This last summer, Patience was not only asked to return to help during the summer, but was also asked to help out on weekends during the school year for any weekends she could. 
  • Two years ago, one of our high school students was asked at the end of her volunteer week to return the following summer to become full time staff. This is a year earlier than they would normally hire.                                                         

I would say that is pretty successful when our campers are asked by camp to be a part of something bigger.  These weeks the campers spend at camp are life changing.  They not only learn valuable skills and become part of a team giving back to the camp which has given them so much, but they learn who God is at a deeper level when the hustle and bustle of home is absent in their life.  Hear directly from the kids themselves in a video you will find in our drop-down menu "What's New"  by clicking here.

Over the last several years, many of you have sponsored children who have made life changing decisions. These times away are so impactful to our kids and have eternal benefits.  Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring a slot for a child to go to camp this year?  The cost for a slot is $195.  When you sponsor a slot, you can expect a few things in return.  1) You will receive a photo of the child filling that slot to serve as a reminder to pray for a life-changing week for that child.  2) After camp, we make every effort to have your child write a personal letter to you as a thank you and to share some of their camp experience.  

Click to go to the camp sponsorship form.

All of our families will be investing in their children’s camp experience again this year.  Each family will contribute $10 per child for a week of camp.  This will allow them to feel a part of sending their own child to camp and will empower them as parents to be parents.  This $10 will go directly toward “snack shack” money for their child while they attend camp.  

We thank you in advance for taking time to pray about helping a child who needs to get out of the concrete jungle and into God’s creation; away from daily pressures and into a relaxed caring environment; away from bad influences and to be influenced by some amazing Christian counselors and staff.  You may click the link above, which will take you to a camp reply form.  Fill it out and return it to us along with your check.  Then watch your mail for a picture of your sponsored child.  You may also pay by credit card by clicking here.

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The task of reaching the children and families of the inner-city for Jesus is too big for only a handful of people. That's why God gave us each other. Many faithful partners work with us to see the Lord's mission at Urban Family Ministries come to reality.  Won't you join us?