Become A Volunteer

As a volunteer at Urban Family Ministries, you would be helping us to Engage, Equip, and Empower the families that come through our programs. With a small full-time staff and a large number of programs, volunteers are a crucial part of our operations. It’s up to you how much time you would like to spend with us or in what way you would like to serve.

Here at UFM volunteering is all about building relationships. Above all else we want to show God’s love to these families through the relationships we build with them.

If interested in volunteering, please fill out this Volunteer Application.

These are some ways you can get plugged in.

Transportation Team

Many of our events require help with transportation using our UFM Vans. Getting our families to events is the first step in being able to minister to them. As a part of the transportation team you can choose a role as either a driver or a co-pilot. We need help almost every day of the week so you can tell us when you are free.

A boy with a ufm van

Super Saturday

Saturday afternoons, from 2:30-4pm during the school year, children gather at New Hope Baptist Church to participate in a Bible lesson and fun activities. As a volunteer, we need your help with the logistics of the event as well as being willing to share your heart with these children and build relationships with them. This is a great event for anyone to volunteer at.

Kids singing at Super Saturday

Ladies Living and Learning (L3)

Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10-12 women from the community gather to participate in a Bible study, prayer, and sharing about their lives. As a volunteer we encourage  you to build relationships with these women and share in this time with them. Our women need strong christian role models to encourage them as they go through their week. There is also a need at this time for volunteers to help babysit a few toddlers while their mothers attend this program.

Boys, Basketball, and Bible Study (B3)

On Thursday evenings during the school year our teen boys meet at a local church to play basketball, study the Bible, and eat pizza. As a volunteer we encourage you to be a role model and mentor to these boys. We use basketball to help relate to them and use it as a starting block to building relationships.

UFM Teen boys

Faith, Fun, and Friends (F3)

On Thursday nights our teen girls gather for a Bible study and activities. As a volunteer you would be developing relationships with these girls and helping them work through struggles and become comfortable with openly talking about Christ.

Teen Girls

One-on-One Mentoring

While volunteering you may develop a connection with someone in our programs and we want to encourage the development of that relationship with one-on-one mentoring. This is designed to build lasting and meaningful relationships but you don’t have to be an expert to participate. We just want you to hang out with them and include them in your everyday life.

Homework help

One Time Service Projects

We can always use help around our youth center. If you or a group you are involved in would like to help with things such as landscaping, building maintenance, cleaning, etc. we always have more to do.

Painting pole service project


Find out more about internships here