Super Saturday: September, 2019

The school year is here and with that comes Super Saturday!  We had over 70 students come out to the first Super Saturday of the year and we are excited to see what else this year has in store.  We also want to say thank you to our donors for helping us purchase a new van that we used to transport students with for Super Saturday.

Here are a few pictures of events that took place at Super Saturday.

Calvary Church’s 5th & 6th Grade Mission Week

It was a warm week in July when Calvary Church’s 5th & 6th grade youth came into the inner city as part of their missions trip.  They sponsored and provided the manpower for a neighborhood hotdog cookout.  It was wonderful seeing them mix with our neighbors and even take time and pray with them.  When the rain came, they quickly brought everything indoors and continued serving our neighbors.

The students were also a great help to us with numerous projects around our ministry center.  They worked hard and accomplished much!  The students also helped us with our Wild Wednesday program that week.

Amway Carnival

For the past several summers, Amway Corporation has sponsored a neighborhood carnival right here at Urban Family Ministries.  Amway sends their summer interns to provide the volunteer assistance needed to help things run smoothly.  The weather was terrific and many people, both children and parents, enjoyed the afternoon fun!

Summer Horse Camp

 We partner with Roanoke Ranch in Lowell.  The kids love the horses and the peaceful surroundings.

 St. Marks Lutheran Youth

St. Marks Lutheran Church youth helped us with a neighborhood clean up as part of their urban service project.  It was a hot July day….90+ degree heat.  They worked hard nonetheless….and the neighbors were pleased.

Our latest purchase . . . Van #3.  The kids are happy to pose for you.