Kid’s Christmas Store

Our Kids Shoppe is just like the adult Christmas Shoppe but as you guessed it’s for kids.  We decided we wanted the kids to have the opportunity to learn about giving instead of receiving all the time. When this event finally rolls around in the early to mid December range there are a lot of volunteer opportunities. If you would like to help, you can volunteer on that day to be a shopper helping the kids keep track of who they are buying for and what they are purchasing for who, pass through the register and then help them wrap and tag each item. Once that child is complete, you would help the next one. If you would be interested in purchasing items for the store, we don’t sell anything  for more than $1 at this store so the kids have opportunities to purchase items for everyone. Please drop items off at the office before December 1st for the kids store. If you have any questions, please call Noelle at 616-560-5767 or email at