Summer Camp





We have several week-long summer camp opportunities for many of our children.  The overnight camp experience has proven to be beneficial for our children, and a number of them have received Christ while at camp.  We are utilizing Grace Adventures, Camp Michawana, and SpringHill Camps.

We will be in contact in the late spring to sign your children up for the camp which best suits them.  The only stipulation for attending summer camp through UFM is attendance at a program on a regular basis.


The remanents of really good ice cream at family camp.

Gaga ball is an absolute favorite at overnight camp.

Getting all moved in means picking your bunk and making your bed for the week.

You should never come home from camp clean.  Mud is fun.

Camp drop-off.  It’s a family affair.

The teens attend a week of camp learning servant leadership, then return for a week to serve other campers.

Getting ready to start a week at camp.

The little boys ordering their ice cream at family camp.

Heading out on a scavenger hunt during family camp.

Family Camp

Ice Cream is essential food.

Writing Thank You notes to sponsors.

Saying goodbye can be so hard after a week together.

Family camp

Playing together at Family Camp.

It’s important to show everyone how you can slam dunk the basketball on the pool rim.

Slowing down to eat together as a family.