UFM Board

Current Board of Directors


John “Jack” Boyko Jr., President  – Current Board President Jack (John) Boyko has been on the UFM Board since 2009. He has been an attorney for 40 years and has served in various capacities with local urban ministries for more than 30 years. He and his wife Joan have three married children and have been blessed by close relationships with several UFM kids. They have been active members of Calvary Non-denominational Church in Grand Rapids for over 25 years. In his spare time Jack enjoys skeet and trap shooting, revving up his chainsaw, and beating hapless opponents in basketball games of H-O-R-S-E.


Denise Hart, Secretary Denise began volunteering with UFM’s kitchen crew for the Super Saturday program in 2007.  She became a member of UFM’s Board in 2009 and carries out the role of Secretary of the Board.  Denise’s 20+ years of experience as a former corporate paralegal with Amway and now currently with Meijer is beneficial to her in her role of assisting in the facilitation of corporate governance for the UFM Board.  She has a BS in Business Administration from Eastern Mennonite College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Cornerstone University.  She is now known as one of the “Snack Ladies” as she and other volunteers prepare snack bags for the kids who attend Super Saturday.

Juanita Koszegi — Juanita moved from Texas to Grand Rapids in February 2018. The purpose of the move was to assist with the care of her elderly mother-in-law. Juanita also had a desire to do more for God in the mode of serving people in local communities, crediting her church affiliations in Texas and Michigan for inspiring her through Bible-based teachings to reach-out for the glory of Jesus in such ways. Through a connection with her daughter’s friend, a link was established with Urban Family Ministries (UFM). Juanita started volunteering at the UFM carnivals, finding them exciting, fun and fulfilling. Drawing upon outreach training experiences from Texas, Juanita likewise began volunteering for the Super Saturday (SS) programs and numerous other outings, functioning as a helper in any capacity that was needed. Not yet knowing that she would be—or, really, was already—the answer to someone’s specific prayers for help in the ministry, Juanita ended up signing on as a children-supervisor person for the off-campus SS functions. Juanita’s love for God, for communities of color, and for the context of diversity that she is accustomed to, seemed to naturally qualify her for an open position that arose for UFM’s Board of Directories, a position she accepted in 2019. Juanita finds the whole experience to be a great blessing, providing a venue, in a spirit of God’s love, to share such valuable life-knowledge as she has the opportunity.


Daniel LewisDaniel has been at Urban Family Ministries since the age of 5. Urban Family has been a stable force in his life allowing him to grow in his faith through Super Saturday, mentor opportunities, and helped him get a great education by going to a private Christian school.  He has been serving on Urban Family Ministries board since 2015.