UFM Staff

Urban Family Ministries is blessed with a dedicated and closely-knit staff.  Also, there are over 200 volunteers that support the ministries of Urban Family Ministries. 


Stacy Hunter* — Stacy joined the staff in September of 2016.  She volunteered on the Board of Directors for 3 years before joining in the staff capacity.  Stacy takes care of the business end of the ministry and is passionate about providing a way for UFM to be more effective for our community.  She supports and encourages the rest of the staff to do what they are gifted in.  She continues to make strides at connecting UFM with organizations and individuals who want to help in the vision of UFM.  You will see her at our various programs and occasionally behind the wheel of one of our vans driving a route for a program!   Stacy has two daughters and their husbands who live in the Grand Rapids area and one daughter who lives in CA.


Elijah Libbett* — Elijah joined the staff in the fall of 2016 and continues to teach the rest of the staff about the urban culture.  Elijah is involved in Men’s Ministry and community outreach.  He has opened the UFM building to many families in need of a place to hold a repast (funeral dinner) and other family gatherings. He supports men who have been in prison for more than 10 years and helps them re-acclimate back into society.  Elijah also hosts the neighborhood men offering them a place to share life and have meaningful conversations while playing cards, pool, ping pong or just by watching a game.  Elijah has opportunities to share how Jesus changed his life and is able to be an example to the men in the community.  


Noelle Gable* — Noelle started volunteering with UFM in 1998 when she moved to Grand Rapids and became full time staff in the fall of 2002.  Noelle supervises programs, interns, and does outreach to families and churches. Noelle has a degree from Central Michigan University and has worked as a program director for a Christian camp, been in the business field, activity departments, an industrial tool company, and at the office at Cornerstone University but knew those weren’t what God had planned for her.  Noelle has been here from almost the beginning and “can’t imagine life without the relationships I’ve built through UFM.”  While Noelle loves being called mom by the kids she has parented, her greatest joy in life is being called “Grandma” by four very special little boys.

  Maddie Berce – Maddie joined staff in the fall of 2017 to take over the Super Saturday program.  Maddie does so much more than just Super Saturday.  She is building relationships with families, walking life with them in their grief and celebrating the joys.  Maddie also has been learning more about the cultural differences and what our families have to face when it comes to racial injustices.  Maddie keeps very busy with the Super Saturday program bringing new ideas to make it more exciting and special for the kids.   Maddie graduated from Kuyper College with a Youth Ministry degree and is currently studying pastoral care at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.   She also married her husband, Peyton, in December of 2018 and he also volunteers at Super Saturday.




*Serve as the Executive Team.