Give the Gift of Dignity this Christmas!

In previous years, we have held the “Adopt-a-family” program at Christmas time.  We want to give more than gifts to the families we serve.  We want to give dignity to our families.  To do this, we created a “Christmas Shoppe”  where families involved in our programs can purchase gifts at greatly reduced price and have a personal investment in giving to their family at Christmas. 

The UFM Christmas Shoppe has been a success!  Our Shoppe has a wide variety of items to offer UFM parents.  There are board games, sports equipment, coloring books, clothing, kitchen utensils, housewares, dolls, and much, much more!  All donated items are brand new, including some handmade blankets, hats and scarves.  Because of the generous people who donate these gifts, Urban Family Ministries is able to, in turn, touch between 75-100 families, including some neighborhood referrals.  For things to run smoothly, we need the help of volunteers.  There is a Signup Genius site which holds all the information for what is needed and how to sign up as November approaches.  All monies received from the store are put right back into UFM programs.  

The Christmas Shoppe was well-received by our parents!  A few quotes from those shopping were: 


     “The Christmas Shoppe was a tremendous blessing to my family. I wasn’t going to be able to buy gifts this year for my kids but you helped make it possible!” – single mom of 3


     “I hope you are doing the Shoppe again next year. Now that I know what you have, I’m going to save more money for next year’s Christmas shopping!” – single mom of 5


     “I did not have enough money to shop at the retail stores. I was able to shop with a small amount of money in your Christmas Shoppe. It made me feel good to shop, buy things for my kids, wrap them and then have gifts for them on Christmas morning.” – a single mom of 3


If you would like to help purchase the gifts you may do so by clicking on the link below which will bring you directly to the site of the gifts that need purchasing.  Gifts purchased through the link will be directly sent to Urban Family Ministries.  

2021 Christmas Shoppe Amazon Wish list:

Click here for a copy of our Christmas Shoppe flyer and a list of suggested items you can look for.  Help a family take steps towards breaking the cycle of dependency and entitlement.  THANK YOU for your desire to make the Christmas Shoppe a wonderful experience for our families!