Camp Sponsorships


Each spring, a letter is sent asking for scholarships to send kids to camp.  We can not send our kids to camp without the help of generous donors.   As a result of paying for a scholarship for a student, you will:


  • Receive a photo of the child as a reminder to pray for a life-changing week for that child.
  • After camp, we make every effort to have your child/family write a personal letter to you as a thank you and to share some of their camp experiences.
  • The assurance that you are partnering with our families when you invest in their children’s camp experience again this year. Every family is required to help pay for their child’s camp as well.  This will allow them to feel a part of sending their own child to camp and will empower them as parents to be parents. 

If you’re interested in supporting our Camp program, please contact or (616) 365-9009