For Supporters

There are many ways to help Urban Family Ministries fulfill its mission.

Specifically, we need …

Prayer Partners.

We’re in a war with the kingdom of darkness. To win that war, we need the power of God. We’ve seen the prayers of his saints bring about powerful results that have brought victory to the Kingdom of Light.


There’s a place for anyone who wants to share the love of Jesus in a real and practical way with urban youth and their families. Learn More

Financial Partners.

With a low annual budget, we’re blessed that we can do so much with so little. To meet our needs, we are praying that God will raise up partners who can each give financially so we can maintain the resources we need to effectively share Jesus with those we are trying to reach. Learn More

Partnerships with churches.

We believe in the local church, and that it is God’s agent to bring forth His Kingdom. Urban Family Ministries seeks partnerships where the local church can expand its reach via the resources and network that Urban Family Ministries has established in urban Grand Rapids.

Partnerships with business.

We have developed relationships with businesses that are community and Kingdom minded, allowing them to take advantage of Urban Family Ministries’ influence on urban families, while sharing their resources so we can reach the families for Jesus. Learn more

We can’t do it alone! Would you be willing to help in any of the above areas? Please contact us.